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  • #1 - Love your new purchase and adornment, whether for your body or your home!

  • #2 - No refunds or exchanges. Sorry. 

  • #3 -  If there is a defective situation with jewelry, first think of how important the piece is to you and if it's a 7-10 on the importance scale, message me! We will figure out a solution together. 

  • #4 - All original art is original, thus it is what it is. And it is rad. 

  • #5 - Prints may be slightly different in scale than you expected. Be sure to click on the corresponding print size to see if any scaling will happen before you click "I LOVE THIS" and purchase it. Custom prints are always an option. 

  • #6 - Thank you for your purchase and support!  Sincerely! xo Hanna

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