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About 11ven Creative

Creative and inquisitive are two descriptors rooting Hanna in this world and 11ven Creative is a channel for these qualities to be shared.  To show you the world she sees all around her through through a lens or paintbrush from a person that genuinely wants to watch and record perspectives, people and life. Connection. 

Born and raised until high-school on the Gulf Coast then moving to the Pacific Northwest has provided Hanna with unique landscapes to capture her creativity.


Half science minded and half creative come together for her through the world of photography and art. A glimpse for others to see the beautiful and questionable as she does, if even for a second.

I will now stop talking in the third person because sometimes it can be awkward ... I will continue to live curiously, creatively and compassionately. Because as ZeFrank would say "That is how the Hanna do".

*Zefrank- Youtube him and you will know more about animals and laugh harder than you have in a while (at least I hope so). 

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